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I am a fashion designer who designs hand knits. I love hand knits because we create both the fabric and the shape. My designs reflect my intense interest in fashion, with a keen eye to design and technique. Jill Wolcott Knits patterns are very complete--I strive to create a complete and clear guide to a completed project and leave little room for to interpretation. When a pattern challenges you to conquer a new technique, the directions and support are there to give you a great result (I’ve given it lots of thought and coached many knitters to new skill heights). Your reward will be the skill that you take forward in your knitting. My love is knitting, not sewing, so I design so that as much as possible is done on the knitting needles with sewing only as absolutely necessary. This isn’t necessarily a shortcut, but I think it works really well for those who don’t love the finishing process. I have an extensive online techniques library to help you master techniques I use, and anything specific to a pattern is included. I teach online classes: Illustrator for Knitwear Designers, Photoshop (coming soon), Grading for Plus Sizes, and look for many more knitwear design and pattern-related classes. I taught at FIDM-SF for over 15 year.

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