Don't just take my word for it! Here is what some of Yarnpond's customers have to say about it:

Dana Gervais, knitwear designer

Dana Gervais Designs

Dana gervais logo

"Thank you, Tineke, for creating such a great pattern testing platform!

I’ve just started using Yarnpond for some secret test knits and I’m so happy I did! Tineke has created a platform that fills a void in the knitwear/crochet design community.

The user interface is easy to learn (I’ve figured it out and I’m not very technically inclined), and Tineke is super responsive to questions, and provides great support. She adds features and implements changes quickly in response to what designers and test knitters need to complete successful test knits, and I appreciate that!

This is a great platform for newer designers who are building their list of test knitters. I highly recommend Yarnpond."

Christy Furlan, knitwear designer

Yarning for Whimsy


"Yarnpond has changed my test knitting game from the ground up. Instead of trying to shoehorn a test knit into a Ravelry thread or a Facebook group, I now have a platform dedicated to the (sometimes challenging) art of test knitting!

From a designer's perspective, there are so many elements to a successful test knit - reliable applicants, obtainable deadlines, ease of communication, constructive feedback, pattern revisions, and beautiful finished objects. Yarnpond addresses every single one of these elements and makes each so much easier to handle.

For example, before Yarnpond, I really struggled to keep track of the progress of each of my test knitters and to make sure each tester received the latest pattern revisions. However, now that I've taken the leap into Yarnpond, I have milestones to track my testers' progress, a chat room to house all of their feedback, and automatic distribution of all of my new pattern revisions.

On top of all that, my designer Yarnpond subscription is extremely affordable - there is so much bang for your buck! I can't imagine ever doing a test knit outside of Yarnpond again!"

Karen Moffet, knitwear designer

Sleepy Dragon Workshop


"Having now participated in test knits on both the tester side and the designer side, I can say I love running tests in Yarnpond!

As a designer, it's great to have a pool of quality testers available, and keep chat, revisions, and progress pics all in one place. It saves so much time to not have to check multiple locations for tester updates.

As a tester, because the designer experience is streamlined and easier, it makes it easier for them to be more involved in the testing process, and be very responsive to questions, comments, and revisions.

The best part is that Tineke is so intent on constantly making a great resource even better! She really does listen to all the suggestions for improvement, and is always adding new features!"