Yarnpond's primary goal is to make your life as a designer easier!

A lot of time and effort goes into every design you produce. Why not save yourself the effort of seeking out testers, chasing them for status updates, managing your test pool, and trying to gather pattern feedback?

For the cost of a frothy coffee, Yarnpond can streamline your whole testing process from start to finish. Read more about the features below:

Manage your testing pool

If you currently maintain an email list for testers, you can import all their email addresses into Yarnpond and manage it there. You can keep notes against each tester, view the ratings they've received from other designers, and even block testers from your pool if you've had a bad experience with them.

Advertise your test to your own pool, or to all members, or to the public

When you open up a test call you can choose to have it visible publicly, or to members only, or to those in your test pool only.
Coming soon: the ability to invite a select list of testers instead of your whole pool

Choose your testers from a list of applicants

For each applicant you can see their current rating from other tests, and links to the Ravelry projects and Instagram feeds, giving you the information you need to select the testers who will work best for you.

Set up "milestones" to track tester progress

For each test you can create up to five optional milestones. These are checkpoints in the pattern where you'd like to get a progress update from your testers, and can be helpful to keep track of what's happening within the testing team.

Communicate with testers in a dedicated chat room

Each pattern test gets its own chat room that is accessible just to you and the testers who are working on the pattern. Use it to post announcements and respond to questions. Testers can also upload in-progress images here.

Create your own pattern feedback forms

You can use our default feedback form, or re-use a form from a previous test, or create your own feedback form from scratch. Tester responses are displayed on your test dashboard.
Coming soon: a download link to get all your test feedback into a spreadsheet, and more customisable question types such as multi-choice questions and a 1-5 scale.

Rate and review your testers

At the end of each test, you can give each tester a 1-5 star rating and leave a review comment about them. This is useful information for other designers when they come to select testers for their patterns. It's also useful information for you when deciding who you would prefer to work with again.