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Hello - thanks so much for checking out my designs! I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, young daughter, and elderly Great Dane. I’m a sweater knitter, and I mostly write sweater patterns! I target an advanced beginner/ immediate knitter and I have two design goals: Adult sweaters - Make-worthy, size-inclusive, designs that are 100% wearable and become closet staples. Children’s sweaters - patterns for parents: easy to pick up and put down, a mix of skill-building and quick-knitting elements, construction techniques you might not want to commit to in a full-size garment that are just right in a small size. I am actively seeking test knitters of all skill levels, sizes, incomes, races, and gender identities. I run my tests on YarnPond - join me here:

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A selection of patterns by Jennifer Parroccini

You can view them all here

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