#22 Socks

Job type Test knit
Description A pair of textured socks making excellent use of simple twisted stitches and raised rib for a textured pattern. These socks feature a Lightly curved French style heel with a gusset for a super comfy fit. The pattern opens up on wearing to showcase the hidden 22 in the lines running the length of the sock. It can be tricky to spot, but once seen (after my son pointed It out to me) it cannot be unseen. A partner design to the No 52 Sock.
Difficulty Moderate
Start date 2018-06-24
Due date 2018-08-15
Craft Knitting
Test secrecy Postable
Advertiser Fiery Phoenix
Spots available 6
Sizes required Narrow, wide
Charted or written pattern Both
Skills required Dpns or circular needles
Construction type Cuff down sock
Required or recommended yarn Pictured Yarns, Teagan Sock Base (85% SW Merino, 15% nylon) (sample is in Colorway Flamingo)
Tools required Wool needle, optional stitch marker when working two at a time.
Ownership of the finished item The finished item is yours to keep.
Requirements from the maker Weekly progress updates if you haven't hit a checkpoint. Photos of project. Feedback on any queries. Project to be created in Ravelry and linked to the finished pattern when launched. Guaranteed selection to test when using the suggested yarn.
Rewards from the designer Copy of pattern and your choice of a second pattern from my Ravelry store once you have linked your project to the finished design sales page

The designer has created the following milestones, in order to keep track of progress during the test knit. By marking off each milestone as you complete it, you can easily keep the designer up to date with your progress.

2018-08-04: Cuff Completed
2018-08-08: Leg Completed
2018-08-12: Turned Heel
2018-08-16: Started Toe
2018-08-18: Finished and Photographed, with Ravelry Project Page prepared to link to pattern



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